04 December 2006


I'm Serializing My Novel on a New Blog

Well, despite yesterday’s announcement, here I am with a new post. This time I want to tell you that I am serializing a novel I wrote a couple of years ago called Terrastina and Mazolli. You can find episodes posted at my new blog: Terrastina and Mazolli. I’ll try to post daily. There are 398 episodes, all of them exactly 99 words long. Why do I write in these small chunks of prose? you may ask. I don’t know. It just works for me. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. OK, now CR is really really going to take a break.


03 December 2006



Conditional Reality is taking its annual break for rest and relaxation. As before, I will begin posting again in early February. Thanks to all my loyal readers for your abiding attention and interest in my work. Also, a hello and wave to those passersby who stop for a look and move on. If you’re new to CR, feel free to browse the archives. All my poetry books are still available. Links to the left. Also take a moment and visit some friends of CR. I’m sure you’ll find some material to suit your fancy. See you in the new year.

02 December 2006


The Secrets of the Sea

Brushback Palimpsest never grew any teeth. Neither did any of her family or ancestors. When she was five years old Brushback's parents gave her a set of teeth carved from whale bones which had been in the family for thousands of years. Brushback put the teeth into her mouth and clamped down to test the bite. She tasted seaweed and crabs. She had the sensation of floating. She crawled on her belly and rippled her legs up and down. Why don't we have more water in this house? Brushback asked her parents. Why is my blowhole clogged up with dust?

01 December 2006


Making a Living

Darkpin Rollingside drove a taxi. One Friday night he stopped for a fare near the cemetery. Some zombies got in the back seat. Where to? said Darkpin. Take us to the baddest bar around, said the zombies. I know a place, said Darkpin, but it’s in a dangerous part of town. We don’t care! said the zombies. But I do, said Darkpin. It’ll cost you extra. The zombies peeled off sheets of skin and handed it to Darkpin. Darkpin smoothed the skin and put it in his wallet. I like your style, he said, and put his cab into gear.

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