13 May 2005



Borges wrote many reviews of non-existent books. His point was that the writing of long books was a taxing and time consuming occupation. Why not pretend the book already exists, then write a review which encapsulates its essence? In a long career of extraordinary literary inventions, this conceit may be his most ingenious. It allowed him to explore dozens of subjects during his lifetime. This blog occasionally attempts a similar agenda: the distilling of long, hypothetical novels into compact short short stories. I imagine Borges reading these posts, at an internet station in the Universal Library, and nodding his approval.

I love this,Mario. Got online in a surprising way and read Kim's blog and saw the link to yours.
Hi, Pammy! Isn't his writing marvey? I couldn't be this short-winded if you paid me...well, maybe then. I told Mario it does remind me of Borges reviewing novels that have never been written. I love it. Good job, Mar.
Thanks Pam and Kim. It's nice to have appreciative readers.
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