16 May 2005


Slow and Steady

Caffeine Junkdrawer began fasting on the full moon, intending to resume eating on the next new moon. However, the hallucinations proved to be too seductive. By the third day Caffeine was conversing with butterflies. In the second month he journeyed to the center of the Earth and spent a week partying with the ghosts collected there. A few weeks later creatures made of flame moved into his skull. They spoke to him nonstop. Caffeine carefully wrote down their manifesto, which came to three thousand pages. He was so thin and weak he had to tape the pen to his fingers.

Someday you will have to answer that question for me that all authors hate to hear: where do you get your ideas? I think those creatures of flame have been in my skull a time or two. :-) Interesting name, especially since you don't drink anything with caffeine. We do, however, have a junkdrawer.
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