06 June 2005


Half Full

Nightlight Horseshoes took the ferry from Seattle bound for Bainbridge Island. On the way, the ferry began to sink. Nightlight put on a lifejacket and swam away from the ferry, which soon slipped under the surface, taking Nightlight’s car, a cherry red Mustang, with it. Nightlight bobbed in the bay for a while until rescuers plucked him from the water. They took him to a hospital where doctors decided he had no permanent damage and released him. Nightlight went to a bar and ordered a whiskey. How’s your day been? said the man next to him. About average, said Nightlight.

Perfecto. Did you get this idea when we were watching the ferry in Puget Sound under those dark blue clouds on Sunday? (I can't believe I'm asking you where you get your ideas!) Did you have to waste a cherry red Mustang for the sake of a good story? *sigh* I think Damon would have loved this story. I can almost hear him chuckling. (Did you make it a Mustang because his name was "Horseshoes?")
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