07 June 2005


The Heartbreak of Calculus

Fatlip Cigarsmoke had been a ghost for several years before the monotony of lacking mass drove him to seek reincarnation. The ethereal plane is not to my liking, he wrote on his application form, and I therefore request a placement back in the material realm. Fatlip’s request was granted, on the condition that he eat a bowl of amnesia soup to insure he would forget his previous life. Fatlip did so gratefully. He landed on Earth the next day as a mathematician, in love with the wispy beauty of numbers. When the time came again, Fatlip didn’t want to die.

I loved this. The opening line strikes me as perfect. I think you have succeeded in illustrating your Some Notes Towards a Theory of the Short Short Story (June 5, 2005).
Ditto what Kevin said. It almost makes me want to go back and take calculus. Almost.
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