02 June 2005


They Had Holes in Them Anyway

Panicbutton Highwire put birdseed in a bird feeder in her backyard. Starlings, blue jays, juncoes, and sparrows came. Panicbutton put out more seed. More birds arrived: robins, wrens, and cardinals. Panicbutton bought sacks of seed. It all got eaten in a few days. She mortgaged her house to keep up. The birds were ravenous, eating all she put out. Eventually Panicbutton ran out of money. I have nothing left, she told the birds. I gave you all I have. The birds perched quietly, trembling, staring. Panicbutton put her worn shoes under the bird feeder, then quietly returned to her house.

Was your choice of the word "ravenous" purposeful? Very evocative. Funny and strangely moving, too.
I'll have to credit my subconscious for "ravenous."
I've got birds doing the same thing to me here. But they ain't getting my shoes.
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