21 August 2005



The spider had a short lifespan, but nevertheless expended enough energy to capture us. She wrapped her thread around us, binding everything: our clothes, our skin, our flesh, blood, and marrow. It was comforting. We remained cozy for several generations, or so it seemed. It couldn’t have been more than a few days. Then the spider began slipping away. We knew it by the fissures that opened up in our skulls, releasing far more than we wanted to let go. We saw her shrivel and fall. We moved our limbs again, and acquired a taste for insects of all description.

Paging Dr. Jung. Is there something about skulls which fascinate you creatively?
Skulls are symbols of death, but they are clean and non-squishy, so they are a more user-friendly symbol than other things might be. Also, they tend to evoke long stretches of time for me. I think of fossils whenever I think of skulls.
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