11 September 2005


Tired of Eating Pikas

Bigfoot went into town to the local pizzeria. Elvis sat at one of the booths, across from an alien. They were devouring a large double cheese pepperoni. Hey Sask, said the owner, haven’t seen you in ages. Where you been? Bigfoot unleashed several grunts and hisses. Yeah, said the owner, been a long winter. One meat lover’s special coming right up. Bigfoot sat beside Elvis. You’re just in time, said Elvis. A photographer from the National Enquirer will be here any minute. The alien glowed. Bigfoot grunted at the counter. OK, said the owner, we’ll make that pie to go.

What a laugh! I'm going to tell him you're writing about him. He keeps saying he wants to tell his own story. He started it once. Do you remember? It was in third person. The first line was, "Bigfoot was in love."

P.S. We live in the only county in the United States where Bigfoot is legally a protected species.
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