25 October 2005


Inhuman Sacrifice

We purged the robots of their rebellious behaviors and developed software fixes to prevent such behavior from recurring. We offered the robots to the world. Most of them entered the helping and service professions as personal assistants, firefighters, counselors, escorts, waiters, teachers, and surgeons. We kept careful track of their performance. The robots were tireless workers, uncomplaining and pleasant to be with. People fell in love with the robots even though the operating manuals warned against such attachments. People clamored for more robots. We ramped up production. The robots had no more creation myths. The robots existed only for us.


Ow, ow, the pain

This robot cycle has the same kind of power to move as Animal Farm.

Thank you for writing these; they have blown me away and given sustenance and disturbed all at once.
Thank you Kim, thank you theriomorph. I'm pleased you both liked them.
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