28 November 2005



Offshore Axhandle met a stranger on his morning walk. Offshore extended his hand and asked for some change. To buy a modest meal, he said. The stranger showed a twenty dollar bill. You can have this, said the stranger, in exchange for your life. Offshore studied the stranger’s face. You can’t have my life, he said, but you can have five minutes of it. That’ll do, said the stranger. He pulled out a sketch pad and drew Offshore’s face. Then he handed over the money and walked away. Offshore put his hand to his face. It felt like smooth marble.

May we speak privately? I truly do want to quote your 12 Nov posting: “True Democracy Requires an Involved Citizenry” as part of a class project that is to serve as an appeal toward awareness of exactly what the title implies. Would there be any conditions to this reality?
Please advise…

Feel free to quote my post, as long as you give me and my blog full credit. Also, if you include it in a paper or something like that, it would be nice if you sent me a copy, although I wouldn't require that.
I gratefully accept your conditions unconditionally. More as the reality develops.
Here's to the greater realization of just how profound those hundred words are.
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