11 November 2005


Clean Slate

Scarecrow Glossypage owned several sweepers, three vacuum cleaners, and a dozen brooms. He cleaned constantly, falling into a miserable mood at the mere sight of a dust bunny or muddy footprint. It’s not the dirt I hate, Scarecrow told his family, it’s more the symbolism of dirt. It’s nothing but death coming down the road. One night Scarecrow’s children put on scary costumes and makeup and ran into his room while he was asleep. They jumped on his bed, laughing, and said boo boo boo. Scarecrow was rattled. He took his children to the bathroom and washed their faces clean.


I am interested in Micro Fiction and am putting together a small site devoted to the form. I will probably include a link to your blog. Here are some links for you:

my personal site:


my e-zine devoted to micros:


the developing micro site:


I hope you'll stop by and take a look. You can contact me with any questions at:

headsfromspace at gmail dot com
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