21 November 2005


The Consequences of Not Averting Your Eyes

Cornstalk Waterfall owned only a cup, for drinking water, and a cloak, for modesty. One day he saw a man drinking water from his cupped hands. Cornstalk realized his own cup was superfluous so he gave it away. Then he saw another man walking the streets naked. Cornstalk considered the beauty of the man and his way of living and donated his cloak to charity. He then encountered a man without arms. Cornstalk discarded his own arms. People stared at Cornstalk. Cornstalk looked back. Seeing nothing in their eyes, Cornstalk offered passersby his own soul. None accepted, none felt deprived.


I often want to comment, cheer, praise in response to your stuff, Mario - then find I have little to say because your poems are so powerfully self-contained I have nothing to add. So here's to stunning 'em silent, and thanks. CR has become a regular stop for me and I am well-fed by your words.
Ditto that! Took the words right off of my keyboard.
Just picked up one of your books: Animal Life. Felt need to contribute to your habit by means of the prevailing barter system, in addition to mere adoration!

Someone else has to pick up the tab every now and then...
Thanks, theriomorph and kevin. I always like getting your comments and I'm pleased you like CR.

And a big thanks to you, inothatcat, for putting some of the prevailing money system into my pocket. Hope you enjoy the book.
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