23 November 2005


It's Kind of Like Taking Off an Uncomfortable Shoe

Magma Instep opened a studio where she taught slow dancing to couples who were frightened of dying. Don’t worry, she told them, if a step takes a long time. Even if it takes days it is ok. Magma demonstrated by sliding her leg along the floor so slowly that her students left while she was still sliding. They returned for their lesson the next week and Magma’s foot had moved only ten inches or so. Finally Magma stopped. Now you try, she told her students. Think of the quiet stillness of an ancient tree. Feel the life beneath the bark.

hi mario, i happened to stumble across your blog on the recommendation of a visitor who recently commented on mine. I must say, what you are trying to achieve here, and very so successfully, the 100 worded definiton of a moment encapsulating a complete circle of experiences in a whirlwind instant is not only ingenious but is capable of invoking our mythic atavistic spirit of recollections. I'm loving it!
Gorgeous, Mario.

Zen in the Art of Dying.

Happy Thanksgiving -
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