11 December 2005


Gone Fishing

Everyone needs a vacation, so Conditional Reality is taking a break for some rest and recreation. Look for new posts here in late January. Until then, feel free to browse my archives or visit some of the sites to the left. They are all excellent endeavors, produced by talented people of exceptional taste (obviously, since they recommend and/or link to this blog). If you absolutely can’t stand to be without my writing for a month (I wish) feel free to buy any or all of my poetry books. (Links also to the left.) See you in the new year.



Bereft until late January, but wishing you replenishment and joy.
Warm wishes.
the wee hours

Last present-swapping visit of the Yule Hanukkah Christmas collision. Just as withdrawal from Conditional Reality postings was reaching epic proportions, a package: Animal Life, by Mario Milosevic. The New Year saved.
Hope you enjoy the book. Thanks for buying it. Have a great new year.
how do you say "season's greetings" in a hundred words :).. looking forward to a pretty good year..
You have driven me to write a 100 word short...
hope all is well,


The Saint

There was once a saint, St. Amon, who was anointed to sainthood while he was still alive. Consternation was widespread among all others in town. St. Amon, a plumber, did his best not to change his lifestyle. The townspeople, curious, sent him “temptations” in the form of naked women and good whiskey. In his later years he told me that he always enjoyed the whiskey and thought of the bodies as “divinely beautiful; an interesting attraction, as one might see at a circus.” The townspeople’s consternation only increased until his death, at which point he was like any other saint.
Well done! Glad I inspired you.

I'm still in Arizona, keeping dry and sunny. Will return soon...
(clamor clamor)
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