10 December 2005


Stilled Hearts

When we were children we sometimes found dead birds or squirrels. We would then tell all our friends, who would come examine the body, completely spellbound by its other worldly appearance. Some of us had pets that died: small green turtles, or dogs or cats. When these creatures expired we felt sadness, the first inklings of the deep sense of loss that so many adults live with. But the death of wild things was different. Without the clouding effects of grief we saw clearly the clean and sobering stillness placed before our eyes like a promise of deep, unmoving loss.

I love your site. Admirable undertaking, and I thought my committment to myself to write one haiku/day was good . . .

Thanks, theseus, for the kind comment. Any daily writing is an admirable undertaking. Also a lot of fun. I used to write a poem every day and kept that up for about three years. Taught me a lot. The only way to learn writing is to write.

I liked your poem about the women fighting over you. Very funny.

I put your blog on the list of friends of CR. Hope you don't mind.
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