09 February 2006


Define Silence

After the supernova lit up the sky, an epidemic of deafness swept across the globe. Historians informed us that periods of hysterical deafness, though rare, were not unknown in the past. We were skeptical of this statement, but the evidence before us was clear: the sense of hearing had suddenly become wildly unpopular. Many people took crash courses in sign language. The music industry almost completely disappeared. For those few of us who could still hear, the sound of fingers brushing against fingers soon became a source of profound discomfort. We approached nervously signing individuals and softly held their hands.


We of this world are certainly suffering from some kind of mental deafness these days. Or blindness, or both. Reading the paper is like hearing the nervous rubbing of fingers together.
Maybe people are suffering from hysterical idiocy--which means the idiocy might end at any moment. Yeah! Which reminds me of where the word hysterical came from. Doctors were so perplexed by female anatomy that they were certain our wombs went wandering around our bodies, and these sauntering wombs caused "hysteria." They believed if only they could get our hysters under control, all would be well. *sigh*
Oh, dear...maybe it's my lack of sleep, but for some reason, Kim's wandering wombs and Garnet's newsprint-stained and whispering fingers have struck me as resoundingly funny... in that painful, hysterical sort of way...


Here's to hysterical idiocy ending.
It is funny! Can you imagine these doctors looking "up there" for wandering wombs? But my babbling about wombs moves the imagination away from Mario's very nice post. I especially liked the nice aural sensation of fingers brushing against fingers.
Yes to both - it IS funny, that whole hysteria thing (oh look, there goes my womb again, pardon me for a moment while I just...there, back you go), and Mario's post is lovely: as always, the images profound, lovely and shaking, the applications dizzying.

Something about deafness resonates with particular political pain right now, though, I think - our digression proof?

Hooray for CR, my favorite blog.
(and a collateral/bonus hooray with no disrespect to the perfection of Mario's poem for Kim's quotable keeper of an idea:

'If only I could get my hyster under control, all would be well.')
See this post from Kim's inestimable blog for another—hilarious—take on the wandering womb.
great, will do - and then we can stop cluttering up yours with our wandering, er, nevermind. Thanks Mario and Kim -
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