02 February 2006


Sailors Have Long Believed that Magical Things Happen When Ships Cross the Equator

Darwin awoke one morning to discover he was no longer aboard The Beagle. Somehow, overnight, he had been placed belowdecks on Noah’s ark. Noah and his family greeted Darwin warmly as a fellow archivist and collector of life. They offered him a humble breakfast of boiled grain and half a fig. Darwin accepted their hospitality with deep humility. Darwin and Noah discussed the technical aspects of collecting animals. It's devilish hard work, said Noah, but I’m saving the world. I can’t be sure yet, said Darwin, but I suspect that’s exactly what I’m being asked to do. Noah nodded gravely.

Welcome back, Mario! Thank GOD I had your book to keep me warm over the winter break

And thanks to you I have a 4.0 GPA!

More later...
Oh, man. I am SO glad you're back. Love this post.
Fanatastic stuff Mario, especially this one. This is the kind of stuff we are looking for the next Sleepingfish (sorry couldn't find your email otherwise would've asked you directly).

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