25 February 2006


This Sentence is the Title of This Post

This sentence opens this post with an arresting image and a startling narrative hook. This sentence elaborates the hook with an intriguing juxtaposition. This sentence scared the cat. This sentence foreshadows the end of the post by subtly invoking a differing point of view. .backwards written is sentence This This sentence was recycled from a deleted post. This sentence reminds you of a Zane Grey paperback. This sentence fragment. This sentence rails against the cold emptiness of metafiction. This sentence dreams of living in a remote cabin in Alaska. This sentence stunningly recasts the arresting image from the first sentence.

O the Mariosity!

That sentence was MUCH better than 20 years in State...
Hey inothatcat, I'm still waiting to hear about the 4.0 gpa.
Fantastic! I love this.

Hilarious. Smart. Lovely. As ever.
This sentence likes all those other sentences you just wrote.
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