26 March 2006


The Sort of Thing Claypot Dreamstance Says to the Walls When He Can't Sleep

How did we move from being a body, to owning a body? From I am sick, to I feel sick? When did the secretions of the brain take primacy and allow us to treat our flesh as a suit of clothes we’re stuck with because we lost the receipt and can’t exchange it for another? Who told us souls inhabit bodies? Why do we easily proclaim we are spirits who just want to fly but are burdened by this accreting bloody mess we have to drag around like overstuffed luggage? How do we find grace in our amazing forms again?


I can't sleep either.

Here're my answers:

fall in love


get Shiatsu

walk balanced on a railroad track

study a martial art

all of the above
Nice post, Mario. And I like Theriomorph's suggestions. Mine are:


wiggle your toes



roll around on the ground

sit in the dirt
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