29 March 2006


The Sort of Thing Claypot Dreamstance Says When He Visits the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

Brown floor. Bleached bone. Yellow stamen. Green stem. Curving petal. Shaded ridge. bursting line. thick light. flowing red. yellow blob. Green sky. Purple cradle. Black star. White tree. Small corner. Green line. Separated lobe. Burst husk. Wavy edge. Smudged blue. Lifted corner. Drooped tent. Spiral cloud. Stretched sky. Octopus tree. Black square. Shining hook. Pastel river. Floating ladder. Tiny apple. Red thorn. Petal delta. Stacked lobe. Rayed hood. Striped pillar. Ragged cape. Twisted apex. Falling dart. Invading cloud. Warm snow. Sad jawbone. Rocking rib. Puddled shell. Blended sky. Broken bone. Fleshy flower. Cleaned socket. Dead calcium. Deep rivulet. Cleaved edge.


Yep. That's just about right.
hahaha.. right on the dot :)..
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