30 April 2006


A Memoir From the Age of Blinks

When everyone started blinking constantly I became suspicious of the entire human race. It helped me immensely. Also, everyone got tired from all the blinking. Some of us suffered from sore eyelids. Many took to sleeping more to give their eyelids a rest. You would see people waiting for buses or standing in lines with their eyes closed. It was just easier. Some of my friends said all the blinking helped clear our vision. It was some kind of new age thing. We were on our way to a better world. I’m pleased to say I didn’t believe a word they said.


I remember those days vividly. Though my eyelashes are very long and would often get stuck together when I blinked. People called me butterfly eyes. I would have to comb my eyelashes to keep them clear of each other. If I blinked fast enough I would fly away to the land of winks.
That was you? I remember seeing a guy hovering over the city suspended on long eyelashes. I thought you looked distressed. Maybe I was wrong. I looked for a butterfly net big enough to catch you and bring you down to earth. Glad I didn't.
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