12 April 2006



Our arms turned into tree branches. Our hands converted to broad green leaves. We reveled in the juicy process of photosynthesis. Our legs morphed into tree trunks. Our toes grew into roots and tunneled into the ground. We sucked moisture from the depths. The darkness sustained us. We didn’t say much. We found birds visited us more often if we remained silent. We started itching in the fall. The wind sent crackling waves through us. We imagined birth announcements and obituaries printed on our flesh. We closed our eyes. Pulled snow snug around our ankles. Said good bye to memories.

I like this.
Quite evocative. Felt very wintry...so stop it. (I say as I look out at the snow still on the cliff across the river.)
Love this, Mario. There's a maple out here I'd introduce you & Kim to if we lived close enopugh for real-time; the sort of tree you feel you should shake hands with.
We've got a few of those kind of trees here, too, ones you just want to go up to and hang with for a while.
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