14 April 2006


Wishes You Don't Want Granted: Telepathy

It was our defensive response, eons ago, to turn it off. And now you want the cascade to tumble through you again? You want to hear the last thoughts of dying animals and the moans of injured trees? You don’t know the scratchy voices of rocks, scraping into our brains, was what made us inhumane creatures in the first place. Snuffing the burden of feeling was our necessary trick of evolution. We shriveled into ourselves to survive and came to this: animals blissfully unaware of the deaths of stars, fizzling into darkness and showering us with splashes of sad rays.


Jumpin' Geez-Us. It's what it feels like to be me, some days. Must be an evolutionary throwback, the skinlessness thing.

Beyond my purely personal response, this is beautiful - sad rays indeed -
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