19 April 2006


Wishes You Don't Want Granted: X-Ray Vision

An army of skeletons arrayed around you. Who would not flinch at the sight of such an armada, visible wherever you once saw ordinary people? Mocking grins always there, cages of ribs like prison cells, floating in the air on grotesque pillars cracked at the knees. Then to realize such creatures, made of murky bone and floating in a gelatinous home, merely mimic the one housed inside you. You hold up your hand and see segmented pieces of the horrible thing, like warm worms waiting for the cocoon of your flesh to slip away so they can emerge, living free.


Ever read Ray Bradbury's story "Skeleton"? Very creepy. Bradbury at his best.
Busted. I do remember that story from when I was a kid. The basic premise has stuck with me for decades and made its way into this post.

Bradbury is also the inspiration for my post a day scheme. When he started out he made himself write a short story a week and stuck with it for years. He says maintaining that schedule was what taught him to be a writer.
No busted; it's homage.

Yes, I never forgot that story, either - it was probably one of the first Bradbury tales I encountered, and it gets under the skin. So to speak.

The October Country's a good one, too. And oh, god, The Foghorn...
reduces me to convulsive sobbing every time.

Of course the novels, too.

Been thinking about that story lately - as has happened before, we seem to be sharing some writerly wavelength. Maybe I'll post something boney too.

Bradbury's so grand. Who knew he was the inspiration for the post-a-day!? Thanks, Ray.
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