17 April 2006


Wishes You Don't Want Granted: Telekinesis

That mountain would look so lovely over there, behind that grove of apple trees. Give me a second, I’ll just move it over to—there! That’s much better. But now that I see it there, maybe it needs to be closer, so we are in the foothills. Hold on, I’ll just—oh! Yes. Beautiful. Hmmm. You know what’s really wrong? The sun. It should be over a little. The angle is just wrong. Give me a sec— There. Isn’t that better? The shadow is so much more—what’s the word? Dramatic. Yes. I love it. Just love it. Don’t you?


Why, you must have spent some time in the motion picture industry! (just in case anyone still harbors an illusion of glamour associated with man's dominion over nature...) Your hundred words are worth a thousand pictures!
I like a title I saw about Hollywood folks: "Hello, He Lied."
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