30 May 2006


Being Mario Milosevic

He thinks he knows which one of us he is today but there are too many and he can’t keep track. He tries. We thwart him by offering deceptive clues. For instance, today he woke up in the man’s skin, but his thoughts were the dragonfly’s thoughts. Yesterday he dreamed as a granite stone dreams and thought he was being clever. He wasn’t. It was much more simple than than. He was a rock, briefly, and so had rock dreams. Now he waits for us to finish speaking. He listens closely, to write down the narrative of the next iteration.

And thank god for it.

Where would we be without MM's CR?

Lost, I tell you, lost! in a Morass of Muck, a Chaos of Regularity. Instead, we are Made More by Crystalline Reformations.

Perish the ordinary.

Long live Conditional Reality.
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