11 May 2006


Creation Myths

The stork brought you. Matter comes from empty space. There is nothing new under the sun. Your country was made by heroes. You were forged in the core of a star. Bees make honey. You need inspiration to create art. Life begins at forty. We are the reincarnation of previous lives. The Earth is the creator’s teardrop. Inventors suffer. The big bang started it all. You were found under a cabbage leaf. Comets seeded the planets. The world is a centipede’s dream. We evolved from single-celled organisms. You make your own reality. We invented language to make lies more plausible.


You were sneezed out of the Divine. Poverty is a choice. You were vomited out of the Divine. Despair is a moral issue. We live at the intervening whim of God/Allah/Kali. There are no consequences.
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