05 May 2006


A Memoir From the Age of Giggles

We were breathless for long periods of time. This was terribly distressing. We rented the saddest movies we could find. It didn’t help. In fact, it only made life more unbearable because even the most manipulative tear jerkers made us convulse with laughter. Newspapers were the worst. Stories of death, disaster, depravity, and so on, were only occasions for guffaws and uncontrollable tee hees. It wasn’t our fault that everything seemed like a joke. Everything was a joke. A leaky pen was satirical. The sun in the sky was a tired sitcom. We all just wanted to sleep.


Tell me about it, I was so embarrassed because I would laugh at funerals, I would crack up at the motions of the mentally handicapped in the elevator, my face would turn purple and red laughing at a spot on the wall. My stomach would curdle and my eyes would be red with giggling tears at the sound of my father scolding me. I was difficult to catch air between the jokes. Every feeling I had was expressed in unforgiving laughter. My face muscles are sore just thinking about those times.
Made me laugh. Reminds me of that Mary Tyler Moore episode. The funeral of Chuckles the Clown I think it was.
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