08 May 2006


Time Capsule

Plastic wrap; hair; DVDs; something radioactive; money; illicit drugs; remote control; digital watch; pond water; leash; bar code; light bulb; someone’s wallet; someone’s purse; credit card; deodorant; power suit; big mac; handmade quilt; microwave oven; embalmers tools; tv guide; world almanac; sea water; comic book; feather; disposable camera; child’s christmas wish list; seeds; tap water; barbed wire; pay check; credit card; movie tickets; T-shirt; house key; pen; socks; telescope; head phones; election ballot; postmarked mail; twig; homemade preserves; supermarket receipt; pair of jeans; deck of cards; restaurant menu; binoculars; cigarettes; land deed; grass; platform shoes; concrete; fossil fuel; bubble gum.

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