21 June 2006


An Excerpt From a Work Etched Into the Border Encircling a Labyrinth Installed Near the Site of a Future Hydroelectric Dam

You see the curling before you, sound of rushing water following an ancient course. You step on the path. One way in. Infinity of folding. Then one way out. Like rivers carving channels in the ground and evaporating then tumbling back upon themselves. The sound is there, but silence descends to awareness. The walk meets itself. Is there power in repetition? You know the drowning when you begin to hear your own blood flowing in your ears. Resist the urge to confusion. Embrace the new paradigm, forged from the desire for life. You carve new trails. You follow ancient paths.


Nice one, especially today on Summer Solstice. I think I'll go walk the labyrinth in town. Care to join me?
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