01 June 2006



Openpit Dryweight fixed cars. She also fixed clocks. And computers, telephones, refrigerators, lawn mowers, and air conditioners. Openpit was so good at fixing things that she didn’t do much of anything else. She fixed meals, hydroelectric dams, clouds, and faucets. Openpit fixed blinds. She fixed jewelry, shoes, bones, and spaceships. Openpit fixed picture frames, the gravitational constant, railroad ties, kinetic sculptures, and mirrors. Openpit received a medal for her fixing talents, which was broken, and which she fixed. Then she fixed nitrogen, the economy, some broken hearts, and her own chipped tooth. Later Openpit smashed a vase with a hammer.

Oooh. Can I be her? Wouldn't it be great if you could just FIX everything? She's my hera!

Had the opposite reaction from Kim’s (hooray for poetry, that it can do this): for me, this one started with dread moving toward that inevitable last sentence.

Oy for the family role of hero, and its pernicious grasp on the soul. Sigh.

Beautifully done, Mario. This one’s going in my file of favorite CR kicks in the stomach.
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