02 June 2006


Passing Qu**n

Our sad king put it as a law. Our population must not allow incursions in any form of a particular glyph known by a particular tag. It was not always so. Past annual durations had this glyph with no controls. But our king wants to control our thoughts in trivial ways to dull his agony from his consort’s passing. His population must not say or think a part of that word that hurts him so. Not now. Not tomorrow. Or any duration following that. Our minds must think again what our mouths say. Our sorrow grows with our crazy king.

Another beautifully articulated insight about this human species -

made me think of a lot of the community education/social justice contexts I've been in which call for censorship of language in the interest of 'liberation' - a cognitive dissonance I finally just couldn't swallow, especially as a writer, even when the impulse was so clearly based in grief and good intentions.

I think we're the crazy king, period, when we're operating from a place of wounds.

Maybe we should all make mandalas out of the letter 'E' until we feel better.
Wow, was that hard to do? I can't fathom how hard it is writing without that particular glyph. It's not a task for a coward to try. Congratulations!

Yes, grief can lead to bad decisions. I agree that the urge to censor, however well intentioned, should always be strongly resisted. Sometimes expression is the only freedom we have.


Congratulations to you, too! There's a few full length novels written with using the letter e. They must have been bears to write. One of them, A Void, was by a French writer named Perec. What's remarkable is that it was then translated into English, and the translation also did not use the letter e. Both the book and the translation must have been incredibly frustrating to do.
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