30 July 2006



Contemporary physics suffered a catastrophic blow when a young grad student in Australia proved it was impossible to unify the fundamental forces of nature. Most physicists did not believe this result at first, but a rigorous review of the proof by hundreds of scientists found no significant error in the reasoning. Most physicists were soon laid off from their tenure track professorships. Some took up other occupations. Many ended up on street corners, begging for money. They held up signs: Will Explain The Particle/wave Duality of Photons for Cash. Passersby laughed, tossed them a few coins, and hurried away.

Does that mean the physicists suffered a stubbed TOE?
Ha ha. Very good. I won't even try to top it.
ha ha ha ha ha ha!

A Most Excellent Ouch, Kevin.

As one who has publically proposed to Brian Greene, I hardly know what to say.

He never did answer me.
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