18 July 2006


Pleasant, Kind, and Tall

We were partial to junk food for years. It was so easy and so good. It never got old, but we discerned a certain lethargy in our movements, so we abandoned partial hydrogenation, corn syrups, and various nitrates in favor of hunting wild game. We wore only loin cloths and armed ourselves with spears and knives. We stopped mowing the lawn, thereby attracting wild creatures that we could kill and eat. The neighbors joined us with gusto, smearing blood on themselves at every kill. We were fierce beyond words. We ate raw meat and sang to the sky every night.

You've been spying again, haven't you.


Today, driving out on the grass track from my house to civilization, I saw two wild turkeys hanging in the unmown field-edge. Stopped to gaze, and saw FIFTEEN babies with them.



Anyway, inedible, all of them, from sheer cuteness.
Once were warriors, eh? Or once were hunters.
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