08 July 2006


Prodigy: Part 12

Toybels Illtot could not have made things worse for himself if he had tried. The fairies were done fooling with him. They pulled away his protective wrapping and flung him into a large cast iron pot filled with water, which stung his bare flesh. Toybels cried out. The fairies ignored him. They arranged wood under the pot and added some of the sun jewels, which they yanked out of the gears like they were rotten teeth. Flames crept up the side of the pot. The water began getting warmer. Toybels reached for the rim. It was a million miles away.


I can't wait. What happens next? Tell me now.
You can bonk me with oil cans or cook me in a pot. I won't tell.
Ha! Feeling the same way as Kim - but enjoying the ride.
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