14 August 2006


Coping Devices

Courtknee Yardcap grew vegetables for his village. In return, the villagers regularly broke into Courtknee’s house and knocked over his furniture, broke his windows, shredded his drapes and clothes, and poured fast setting concrete down his drains. Whenever Courtknee came home to such chaos, he would shake his head and laugh and begin cleaning up the mess. This would often take days and he would neglect his garden. The villagers would then come to the house and whine about not having fresh vegetables. Courtknee said I love you, but the garden is sad now. Come back in a few days.

I think Courtknee and I need the same support group.

Pathologically generous morons unite!

Reciprocity now!

Step 1: Admitted we were powerless over our compulsion to feed the hand that bites us, and our lives had become unmanageable.

Oh dear, I've accidentally ended up in a serious train of thought.

Call me, Courtknee. I'll make us tea, you can bring cookies.
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