31 August 2006


Helping to Avoid the Tyranny of Punctuality

Buzzcut Bearcub fixed clocks. If your kitchen clock kept perfect time, a single call to Buzzcut would have him over in a flash to put it out of step with official time. He also did watches. They’re getting better and better all the time, said Buzzcut, but I’m constantly developing new techniques for putting timepieces out of phase. His customers always thanked him for restoring their freedom. Buzzcut was modest and philosophical about his talent. I just like to help people get their sanity back, he said. I don’t have some kind of supernatural power or anything. Not even close.

Bless you, Buzzcut Bearcub.

You're Greek, right?
I'm pretty sure he's from the Mount St. Helens area, but maybe there's some Greek in his family tree.
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