13 August 2006


The Long Anticipated Meeting Rapidly Deteriorated Into a Dismal Discussion of the Relative Merits of Various Creation Myths

Okay okay, said god, you tell me I’m the ultimate power, the source of everything, blah blah blah. Fine. I’ll accept that for the sake of argument. But even given that, can you prove I’ve actually created anything? Offer me an airtight proof that, for example, I created Earth. Can you do it? I’m waiting. I can wait forever, you know. My doubts have evolved over many eons. I’ve heard all the arguments. Every one of them has a flaw. Some are amazingly subtle, but still there. No one has convinced me yet. What makes you think you’re so smart?

Sounds like a case for CSI. Maybe god has an airtight alibi. Maybe not. Maybe there's a DNA trace to be found at the subatomic level. Jusr enough evidence for a jury to convict. What's the sentence for creating an imperfect universe?

Thw whole of Creationism neatly dispatched.
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