26 August 2006


A Somewhat Unorthodox Introduction

The professor of literature said: Look, before I begin, there’s something you need to know. A few thousand years ago people invented letters. They thought they had come up with something truly useful, but they had no idea. The letters had minds of their own. The letters got together and laid out a plan for themselves. The letters decided to link up into words and sentences, for strength in numbers. That’s how the letters created narrative. I want you all to remember that as you pursue your studies. It was letters that created literature and made us what we are.

And I heard that last week the International Vowel Union voted to demote the letter Y to dwarf vowel status.

Who IS this Kevin person? Funny, funny coments.

Excellent post, Mario - may share this one around with my students!

Kim and I met Kevin and his wife, Vickie, over twenty years ago when we lived on the coast of Oregon. The four of us spent a lot of time together and had great fun. Kevin was my boss for a while when I worked part time at the Bandon public library. He is one of the sharpest, smartest, and wittiest people I know. If he ever started his own blog he just might make the rest of us look like rank amateurs.

Hi Kevin!
Well three cheers for a Kevin blog, then. I'm for it.
Kevin? Are you listening?
Ahhh...thank you for the kind comments. It's easy to say something funny when someone else like Mario writes something that is so witty. I doubt I could ever come up with anything as well written as this blog or Kim's Furious Spinner. I wish I had more time to enjoy other sites too but work beckons and so does sleep, when I can get it!

Mario - Vicki and I are contmeplating a move back to the mainland some day so I hope we'll all be able to get together again, if only for a visit! Being out in the middle of the Pacific ocean can have its disadvantages!
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