22 August 2006


We Can Give Each Other a Wink as We Tell the Story, Since We Both Know It's All Just a Fantasy

The rainbows detached themselves from the earth and floated up until we could not see them anymore. We heard stories about them congregating in the upper atmosphere, hanging out on cirrus clouds and getting deep tans in the thinner regions of the mesosphere. We missed them and tried to entice them back by putting out pots filled with gold pieces. A few rainbows descended and sniffed around for a while. We lassoed them and anchored them to rocks, but they were so drab and sad looking that we released them to their own freedom. This made us better human beings.

Speaking of rainbows. Here's a totally useless piece of trivia. The University of Hawaii men's football team used to be called the Rainbow Warriors. UH is located in Manoa Valley and the valley is known for its frequent rainbows.

Several years ago we got a new head coach - formerly an NFL coach. He didn't think Rainbow Warriors sounded stern enough so he convinced the university to drop the rainbow part. Now they're the Warriors. Changed the uniform and logo too. Dropped the rainbow symbol. A lot of the fans protested, to no avail.

We miss our Rainbows. Go 'Bows!
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