08 August 2006


The Weight of the World

We found the reality detector at a junk shop. The owner said it was very old. It was made of wood and looked like a set of scales. How it worked was you wrote down a description on a piece of paper, then put the paper on one of the pans. If the other pan went up, the words described reality. If down, the words described a fantasy. We wrote this on a sticky note: The world cannot accommodate a genuine reality detector. We put the sticky note on the left pan and held our breaths. The right pan trembled.

Hi Mario--

I see you've taken my advice and self-published!I have a poetry book out now too--wanna swap books?

PS--Like your short-shorts...

Hi Lorraine. Nice hearing from you. A swap would be great. Send me your mailing address here:

mm (at) gorge (dot) net
Very nice. (Hi, Lorraine!!)
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