30 September 2006



You start in medias res, a green sky above your head and ground made of living tissue at your feet. You board the rocket to go back. Stars stream past your hair. You need to get home to tell everyone about the planet you found. The rocket dances with comets. You go over the notes, photographs, and video clips you made. You swing with the rocket. Back home you are a child. The world turns you into a celebrity. You babble about life out there. It’s amazing, you tell them, utterly beyond comprehension. The people around you look like aliens.


Bravo on the astronaut series, Mario! Any report on what it was like to do the same theme for 30 days?
Well, about the middle of the month I thought I had just about exhausted the possibilities. I didn't see how I was going to do two more weeks of them. The Rosie episode was the turning point. Just thinking about her going from riveter to moon walker seemed to open up the theme in a way I had not anticipated and after that they all came out fairly easily. A month was plenty, though. By the end of it, I got kind of tired of seeing the word astronaut. Enough already!
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