05 October 2006



The giants had eyeballs the size of cantaloupes. We considered the eyes a delicacy and hacked them out of their heads when we found them dead in the woods. Then we buried the giants, who had no concept of what to do with their own dead. They usually just let the birds and bugs take care of the corpses. We felt great shame that we ate their eyes. Not enough to stop, but enough to properly bury their corpses. Sometimes the giants sat on the hills and watched us. We felt their gaze burning into the tops of our heads.

Hmmm...what wine to go with giants' eyeballs? Red? White? Or perhaps a magnum of Brut?

I think I'll skip the grapes for dessert after reading this one.
Oh, gross.

I was stuck on trying to figure out what the giants were thinking while they watched us out their dead underground (clearly not part of their culture; do they think we're trying to get them to grow more eyes in neat rows?), but now I'm stuck on grapes.
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