23 October 2006


Auto Shaman

At our auto repair shop we have a guy who diagnoses problems with a laying on of hands. You bring us your car and he places his palms on the fender and stares up at the sky. Then his eyes go empty for a few minutes until finally he pulls up his hands, slaps them together, and says something like: The master cylinder is shot, or The carburetor needs re-calibrating. The guy is almost always wrong, but we kind of like the theater so we keep him on. So far no one has complained and we do excellent repeat business.

Marvey. I'd like to go to him. (Or are you talking about the guys at Sam's Auto in town?)
Sounds like a few places I've been to. I guess I'd prefer that method of diagnosis than a slap on the hood for healing. Think I've been to a few of them too.
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