07 October 2006


Big Thoughts

This is what I overheard in the waiting room at the Honda dealership where I was having my car’s exhaust system overhauled by certified Honda trained technicians who regularly attended classes to upgrade their skills: Children are always taller than their parents. We should all be giants now if that’s been going on for generations. Why aren’t we all giants? Maybe we are. What is going to happen if we never start having shorter children? If people just keep growing taller and taller, getting taller than mountains. There won’t be cars big enough for us. We’ll all have to walk.

I don't know, Mario. The cars seem to keep getting bigger and bigger too. Maybe there is something to this theory...

I read an article that smaller cars were catching on again. Finally! It took expensive gas for people to start thinking of miles per gallon again?

One of our cars is an 82 diesel VW pickukp. There's only one place to get biodeisel on the island and naturally it's on the other side of the island.
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