26 October 2006


A Constipation for the Untied States of Amnesia.

Weed the people of the untied states, in order to farm a mere perfect onion, abolish justice, insure domestic tranquilization, provide for the common offense, promote the generals’s welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to our leaders and their posteriors, do ordain and establish this constipation for the untied states of amnesia. Oil legislative powers herein granted shall be wrested from the congress of the untied states, which shall consist of a senescence and a mouse of reprehensibles. Etcetera. The vindication of the cynics of all the untied states shall be efficient for the destabilization of any amnesiac’s constitution.

Oh my gosh, this is an instant classic! I love the wordplay and how much it conforms to the original construction. It shoots to the top of my favorites from CR.
This. Is. !#$%!%$#&. Brilliant.
I agree!!! Instant classic. Brilliant.
Thank you, Constant Readers.
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