05 November 2006


It Wasn't Our Fault, People Just Die

We found many rocks stacked up in the basement after we came home from the funeral. No one in the house seemed to know how they got there. We unstacked them and went to bed. The next morning they were stacked up again, which made us feel creepy, that there were people coming into the house without our knowing it. We changed the locks and bolted the windows. The next day we found even more stacked rocks. We looked down at our hands. They were covered in dust. We spent hours trying to wash them clean, but never managed it.

Wow. That freaked me out.

Lady MacB, innocently borne.

...Blood born. Bloodstone. Born stone. Stones borne. Stacked stones. Stone herms. Traveller's stones. Stone cairn. Spirit cairns. Shinto piles. Piles shatter. Rocky grief.
that was one of my favorite things you've written.
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