01 November 2006


Nothing Wrong With a Hearty Appetite

We eat breakfast, then a midmorning snack. Later we have lunch and in the afternoon another snack. A couple of hours later it’s supper time and after that a late night dish of something sweet. The next day we eat the television. Followed by the living room furniture and then the entire house. Yummy. The rest of the neighborhood goes down smooth and easy and we move on to take in the entire state, then we start eating the whole country, knowing the rest of the world awaits, and then more: the solar system and galaxies and on and on.

Diagnosis: the patient developed a black hole in the stomach. I don't think Jenny Craig or the South Beach diet will help.

Treatment: are you kidding?

Prognosis: for the black hole, great. For the patient, oh well!

Referral: call Stephen Hawking.
Been meaning to call Stephen Hawking for a while now anyway - I'll mention the American people's, er, the patient's complaint when I get hold of him.
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