09 November 2006



Have you noticed? The past is an immense emptiness and the future is a cunning trap. We avoid both by living in an eternal present, which, according to prevailing ways of thinking, is actually an impossible thing to do. That doesn’t bother us. We usually do three impossible things before breakfast: we rouse ourselves from a coma, we prevent ourselves from being consumed by microbial creatures, and we guide a complex biological entity to the breakfast table. But it all happens at once, so don’t be impressed. We do it everyday with no real thought or effort. Really. No kidding.

Nice post!

This is a totally unsubstantiated statistic, but I read somewhere that a relatively large percentage of our mental conversations are with people who aren't there. And yet if we vocalize those conversations, people think we belong in a straitjacket.

Maybe it is difficult to live in the present!
The invisibles are all around us. Stands to reason we want to talk to them.
Aw, you're just saying that to make us feel better.

As I was just saying to someone who isn'there, the nice thing about the conversations that take place in my head is that the other person actually wants to listen and everyone tells the truth.

At least my madness is utopian.
I think it's madness to deny their existence. They live in us, or take up temporary residence in us at times, but that's not where they come from. They come from language, mostly, but also from the bubbling up of matter and spirit all around us. As the universe seems to want life, so the ether seems to want voice.
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