22 November 2006


A Suggestion for Promoting Good Mental Health: Laugh at Yourself

You make a doll in your own likeness. You giggle the whole time. You record your voice and listen to it. You laugh heartily. You smell the sweat on your arm. You are seized by uncontrollable guffaws. You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and are so struck by the absurdity of your own image, how it seems to float above the world, unsupported and ridiculously delicate, that you are convulsed by sidesplitting, oxygen depriving laughter which goes on for some minutes and does not end until your brain says Enough! Get serious for once in your life.


But you don't get serious, you laugh some more, and then you DO 'float above the world, unsupported and ridiculously delicate,' and it's good.

Happy Thanksgiving, Mario -
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